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Why is Defensive Driving Important?

11 Aug Blog | Comments


Normally, the main goal of this blog is to share factual information with you. This blog will be very similar, except first, I would like to share a recent personal defensive driving experience with you. This experience will hopefully answer the question, why is defensive driving important, for you.

Defensive Driving Experience

It has been discussed, in other blogs, on our site, about why defensive driving is important. We revisit this topic regularly because it is such an important part of driving safely.

Recently, I was on my way home from work. It had been a long day. I was a little tired and it was rush hour. Rush hour is that time of day when everyone wants to get home, in a hurry. Unfortunately, it is also when people rush and sometimes forget to put on their defensive driving hats.

The highway was busy and we were only going about 45 mph. Whenever there is a lot of traffic and there is a lot of stop and go traffic I am even more careful and drive even more so with my driving defenses. I was watching all the traffic, in front of and behind me. I was keeping my distance from the car in front of me since he/she had already stopped several times, very quickly.

We were merging with another highway and in a split second, I watched one car run into another car that was stopped in, a very unsafe place. It was in the middle of the road, where the two highways merge, apparently out of gas. The first car spun and ran into the cement barrier 2 lanes over, in the berm. The other car didn’t move very far, but the driver was thrown from the driver’s seat to the passenger seat.

There were two cars in front of me and a whole line of cars in the lane to my left with a lot more traffic in the two lanes to my right. Fortunately, everyone else was paying attention and there were no other cars involved.

After stopping and calling 911, I, along with several other people checked on both drivers. One of the drivers was able to get out of his car, even after the airbag deployed, and seemed shaken, but overall okay. The other driver was conscious, but had several injuries and was waiting for an ambulance.

The driver that struck the other driver as he began changing lanes before looking both ways to be sure there were no vehicles. He took his eyes off the road for only a moment.

Why is Defensive Driving Important?

Defensive driving is important because it can help to give you precious moments. Being fully aware of what is going on around you, you will hopefully be able to give yourself the 1 or 2 seconds you need to react so you don’t end up in a car accident.

Knowing what was going on around me allowed me to see the car accident as it happened. By keeping my distance from the car in front of me I was able to slow down and stop.

No one ever wants to be in a car accident. No one leaves their house in the morning saying to themselves, let’s see how I can smash up my car and ruin my day and someone else’s day. Driving defensively is important because it could save your life, the life of anyone in your car and the lives of others who are driving near you.


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