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What to do if you are in the Middle of a Police Pursuit

30 Mar Blog | Comments

Police pursuits are exciting.  We love to watch them unfold on our big screen televisions, but what if you are on the road in the middle of one? Unlike most situations involving an emergency vehicle with its lights and siren activated, a police pursuit adds another element to the equation.

Everyone knows to yield to the right when they hear sirens and see an emergency vehicle with its lights on. In the case of a police pursuit, however, it is likely that the driver being pursued has no regard for anyone’s safety.

Use common sense if you are ever in the middle of a police pursuit. Look, listen, and react to the situation at hand with good judgment.  In most cases you may just need to slow down, stay in your lane, or move to the right if it is safe to do so.

The biggest mistake most people make is to think that they can help the officer by cutting off the person being pursued.  Doing this puts everyone in danger.

It is every officer’s greatest fear to face a suspect with innocent bystanders nearby.  If someone is fleeing from the police, the officers are prepared for the worse.  The cooperation of the public helps to make the job of the officer easier and less stressful. The less the officers have to worry about the safety of other drivers on the road, the more they can concentrate on ending the pursuit.

Steer clear and make room when possible, but leave the apprehension of the suspect to the officers.

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