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My name is Steve Young and I am a retired California Highway Patrol Officer. I will also be your instructor in one of the online traffic courses with B Line Traffic Schools. No matter what course you sign up for, my goals are the same: Present you with the information that you need in a way that will not put you to sleep and then get you back to your life.  Throughout some of the courses I have included interesting situations, people and other random things I have come across in my 25+ years with the CHP to break things up a bit. Ok ok, enough about me. Close this window and start your course with B Line Traffic Schools today.

Kentucky Traffic School

Only $47.50

Erase your ticket today with B Line Traffic Schools

The ONLY Online Traffic School Approved By The State Of Kentucky

With this Kentucky Defensive Driving Course, you can be confident you are getting the best. Guaranteed as the ONLY online traffic school approved by the state of Kentucky, we are confident you will be happy with the results.

Kentucky Traffic School Course Features

  • Approved by the state of Kentucky
  • Long established and respected in the community
  • Superior courses at an affordable price
  • A course providing convenience, flexibility, and simplicity
  • The freedom to work at a pace that’s right for you
  • With only the internet as a necessity, you can complete your work when and where you choose

A Simple Approach To Traffic School

By taking this course, you will be engaging in the ONLY source of an entirely online Kentucky Traffic Ticket dismissal. Developed by professionals in the field of driver’s education, this Defensive Driving Course has been designed to fulfill the requirements you need through a straightforward and easy-to-follow format.

Benefits Of An Kentucky Traffic School

With a traffic school that is completely online, you can complete your work when and wherever you want. The only things you need are internet access and a computer. There is no question that is the easiest way to dismiss a traffic ticket. With the flexibility of completing your work entirely on your own time, this Kentucky Defensive Driving course can work explicitly for your benefit. Available any time of day or night, you can complete your course work whenever it is most convenient for YOU!
With advanced technology and methods of tracking, this Defensive Driving Course provides limitless opportunities. With lessons with entertaining graphics and animations, you have everything you need for an excellent learning environment. Our efficient system makes it possible for you to sign in and out whenever you need, without worrying about losing your place in the course.

What To Expect

Our Kentucky Traffic School is simple to follow with easily understood sections. As you work at your own speed, you can expect regular progress through the course. Upon completion of the course, your results will be processed and your Completion Certificate will be mailed. With multiple shipping options, you can be confident you will receive your Certificate of Completion in a timely manner.

Low Cost Promise

With only internet access and a simple computer as requirements, you don’t need to worry about hidden fees in books or other materials. When you register for this Kentucky Defensive Driving Course, you’ll have everything you need for success in the course.

24 Hour Customer Service

All of our customer service representatives have special certification as driving instructors. Available 24 hours a day, our helpful team will be happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the course or registration.

Only $47.50