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Traffic School

Why Choose B Line Traffic School Courses

There are many reasons that you may be looking for an online traffic school course. Perhaps you recently got a traffic ticket and want to have it dismissed. You may be a mature driver looking to reduce your monthly insurance premiums on your automobile. Perhaps you are looking into a new job and need to get your Class C license, or you may be getting a driver license for the very first time. If you need a convenient and affordable online traffic school, B Line Traffic Schools has you covered. We have all the different courses you are looking for in the most convenient format possible.

Online Traffic School is Convenient

If you are like most people these days, you are extremely busy and your time is precious to you. We developed our online traffic school course to make it easier and more convenient for you to get your ticket erased. Rather than attending traffic school courses at your local courthouse or other location on a specific date and for a limited time, our online traffic school allows you to attend your lessons whenever it works best for you. You can work the course around your busy life instead of trying to work your life around a set schedule. Instead of waiting for the next class to start, you can get registered right away so that you can get it over with.

All You Need is a Computer and a Connection

As long as you have a computer with an internet connection you have access to the course. You also need speakers or headphones so you can listen to the audio sections of the course. Because the course is computer based, you can work on your lunch break at the office, use your laptop at the Laundromat, or do something productive when you are too keyed up to fall asleep. With a few clicks of the mouse or strokes of the keyboard you are up and running. The program saves your work so that you can stop and start any time. With our online course you won’t have to deal with terrible comedians in sketchy conference rooms to get your ticket removed or points erased from your driving record. Our traffic school is all about getting you through the course as fast as possible while still helping you to retain the information.

Court Approved Course Features
  • Fully approved by the courts listed on the website
  • Courses written by traffic school industry experts
  • Low-cost online traffic school courses
  • Courses are complete and comprehensive
  • SSL encryption ensures your personal information is protected
  • Individual chapters and chapter quizzes to help you test your knowledge along the way
  • Multi-media presentation including text, graphics, animation, video, and audio
  • Multiple choice final exam comprised of 25 questions
  • Pass the final exam with at least 70% correct
  • Live support available
  • Go at your own pace – do it all in one sitting or take your time
  • Fast processing of the Completion Certificate
  • Electronic transmission to courts requiring this method of Completion Certificate delivery
  • Money-back Guarantee

California Traffic School Course Overview

B Line’s California traffic school is easy to register for, and you are assigned a unique login. It is divided up into 8 chapters in order to make the lessons easy to understand and to get through. We not only provide all of the essential information you need to pass the final exam but we also show you some interesting and helpful defensive driving tips to help you in your daily driving. The lessons include informative text and engaging multi-media segments. In addition, an audio read-along feature is available. The chapter quizzes are comprised of ten multiple-choice questions to test your knowledge of the chapter. They may be taken as often as necessary until you pass them. After you have completed all eight chapters you can take the 25 question final exam, which is also multiple-choice. You can take the exam a maximum of two times and need to pass with 70% efficiency.

Upon Completion of the Course

After you have passed the final exam, your Certificate of Completion will be processed. We will send it to you by the method you selected when you registered for the traffic school online course. If your county is one that only accepts auto reporting, we will do that reporting for you. If that is the case, you may want to purchase a Proof of Completion when you register for the course so that you can receive an unofficial copy of the completion to keep with your records. If your county does the auto reporting you will want to contact them two to three days after passing the final exam to verify that they received your completion information.

B Line Traffic Schools offers you everything you need in a traffic school. With our convenient online format and low cost, you don’t need to wait any longer – register for your course today.