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Traffic Rules for Kids Walking to School

12 May Blog | Comments


Twenty years ago there were a lot more kids walking to school. People slowed down in school zones. And there were a lot more crossing guards helping kids get to school safely. Now everyone is in a hurry and sometimes people forget to watch for kids. Some people do not slow down in school zones. So, how can kids today, who walk to school get there safely? Below is a list of traffic rules for kids walking to school.

Walk the Route

Be sure to walk the route from your home to school with your child, several times. It is important that your child be comfortable with the route. They should be able to walk the route completely on their own before you allow them to walk it by themselves.

Shortest Route

Show your child the shortest route possible. The fewer roads your child has to cross the safer the walk will be.

Look Both Ways

We all remember the traffic rule, look both ways. When your child walks to school you need to teach them to look both ways and then look both ways again. Although pedestrians have the right of way unfortunately sometimes people driving don’t look before they cross through an intersection.

Traffic Lights

Kids need to know when they are allowed to cross the street. If the signal has a walk sign they need to understand that even when “it is their turn” they still need to look both ways.


You tell them and talk to them, about strangers, but it is still very important to remind your child not to talk to strangers, not ever.


If you happen to be friendly with your neighbors it is a great idea to talk to them to see if they would be willing to be a “safe haven” for your child. If they ever get home and you are not there they can go to your neighbor’s house. Or if they ever feel unsafe on their way home they know they can go there and be safe.

Walk with a Buddy

If at all possible find a friend or two for your child to walk to and from school with. Walking in groups is much more likely to keep your child safe.

Kids walking to and from school will get your child to both places safely by following the traffic rules for kids walking to school. Be sure you walk with your child the same route they will take every day. Make sure they feel comfortable walking the route by themselves before having them do it on their own.

Teach them the shortest route to get to and from school. Remind them as you walk them to and from school to look both ways, even if they get the walk sign, indicating that it is their turn. Finally, you can never tell your child enough times, to not talk to strangers.

Traffic rules for kids walking to school are pretty much the same as traffic rules for pedestrians, in general. When our children are of walking age we begin by holding their hand to cross the street. We naturally teach them everytime we cross streets to look both ways. The rest of the traffic rules will help get your child to and from school safely.


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