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My name is Steve Young and I am a retired California Highway Patrol Officer. I will also be your instructor in one of the online traffic courses with B Line Traffic Schools. No matter what course you sign up for, my goals are the same: Present you with the information that you need in a way that will not put you to sleep and then get you back to your life.  Throughout some of the courses I have included interesting situations, people and other random things I have come across in my 25+ years with the CHP to break things up a bit. Ok ok, enough about me. Close this window and start your course with B Line Traffic Schools today.

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01 Mar Blog | Comments

How to Choose a Car to Buy

Owning a vehicle requires considerable financial investment. This requirement is based on whether the concerned automobile is used or straight from the showroom. Most people probably have an idea of the vehicle they wish to buy when they visit the dealerships. Nevertheless, other individuals find themselves in quagmire as pertaining to selection of an appropriate […]


26 Jan Blog | Comments

The True Dangers of Texting Behind the Wheel

There are many more people driving these days, especially in largely-populated cities. People seem much more in a hurry to get where they want to go and to stay connected. They do not want to miss out on anything. Computer technologies and cell phones have done us proud to keep everyone connected in such high […]


19 Jan Blog | Comments

How to Avoid a Traffic Citation

There are many reasons why it’s important to avoid a traffic citation. The main reasons are safety and the cost and time required to make amends for the traffic violation. A traffic school offers great guidelines and information and can help prevent a traffic citation. Most importantly, if you are signaled by a police officer […]