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My name is Steve Young and I am a retired California Highway Patrol Officer. I will also be your instructor in one of the online traffic courses with B Line Traffic Schools. No matter what course you sign up for, my goals are the same: Present you with the information that you need in a way that will not put you to sleep and then get you back to your life.  Throughout some of the courses I have included interesting situations, people and other random things I have come across in my 25+ years with the CHP to break things up a bit. Ok ok, enough about me. Close this window and start your course with B Line Traffic Schools today.

Spring Break Travel Tips

16 Mar Blog | Comments

It is coming, that time of the year where people take a break from their regular lives. They go on a vacation deemed Spring Break. Thousands of people go on a spring break every year. The problem comes into play when all thousands of people travel at the same time.

Many driving accidents happen every year during spring break. They happen because people push themselves too far. People only get a short time to go on vacation and the last thing they want to do is spend it driving.

So many people drive much longer than they should. They get tired but push themselves. When people push themselves they can end up getting into car accidents. One way to help prevent this is to have more than one driver in the car. By having more than one driver the two of you can switch off and get some sleep in between. It also helps to have that other person to help with navigation. The last thing you want to be doing is looking at your phone while driving.

Something else to consider is where you’re going to stop along the way. By making those kinds of decisions beforehand you can have hotels reserved forcing yourself to stop. Also by looking ahead you can find places that might be fun stop at.

Another obstacle some people run into is construction. When the weather is good the orange barrels. Construction many times slows traffic down which gets people frustrated. So not only are you stuck in traffic but you’re also getting angry. This can create what is called road rage. You have to be careful not to get angry when you’re driving and you have to watch out for people who are angry while they’re driving.

A third problem that many people run into are people who are drinking and driving. Spring break is a great time because it’s a vacation, but some people go overboard. You need to be the defensive driver and watch out for those kinds of drivers. A defensive driver is watching not only the cars in front of them and around them but also what is coming up down the road.

Something that you can do that’s proactive is to have AAA in case you need roadside assistance on your way. You can also have an emergency kit in your car which would include things like: a first aid kit, water bottles, nonperishable foods, and other essentials. You also want to make sure that your tires are in good shape. You also want to make sure that your spare tire is in good shape and that you have a jack.

Spring break is supposed to be a fun time for everyone. The last thing anyone wants to have happen is to end up in an accident or create an accident. The best way to avoid accidents is to: be aware of your surroundings, watch out for other drivers, and take your time, enjoy the trip.



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