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Set the Example

02 Feb Blog | Comments

Being an adult comes with a ton of responsibility, however being a parent comes with even more responsibility. We are in charge of one or more human beings and our job is to raise them into responsible, functional members of society. We hope they grow up, attend college and get great jobs.

Most of those jobs will require that your child(ren) is/are able to drive themselves to and from work. So, we are tasked with the responsibility of teaching our children to be the best drivers possible. We are required to sign them up for a Driver’s Education course.

The course can be completed at a brick and mortar type building or it can be taken online. The in person type class can be nice because it requires your child to be at a certain place and time on a particular day of the week. However with a typical teenager’s schedule the online class could be the better option. The class can be taken anytime, so long as the person has access to Wi-Fi.

We will also need to give them access to our cars and our time to allow them time to drive on the real roads of our communities; which is the part that makes parents the most nervous. It is important to remember if you do not facilitate this the best way possible you will be putting an unsafe driver onto the roads.

It is your job, as a parent, to set the example, to show your child how to become the best driver he or she can be. The course your child takes will teach him/her the rules of the road. Not that you shouldn’t help your child master those rules, but your biggest job is to be a good role model.

You need to show your child how to be a safe driver by wearing your seatbelt. You want your child to see you wearing yours so that your child understands how important it is to you. Along the same lines you should also keep your radio down so you can hear emergency vehicles at any given time.

Your child should witness you turning your phone off while you are driving. He/she needs to understand that it is important to you to be the safest driver that you can be. If your child sees you texting while driving then you are showing them that you feel it is OK to text.

Finally, set the example and don’t drink and drive. We have all read the statistics and know the possible consequences. We understand that one mistake can change a person’s life for the good or bad in one moment.

Being the parent of a teen driver makes you responsible for a new driver on the road. You have the ability to mold your child into a defensive driver. Take the opportunity to show your child why driving defensively is the best way to keep themselves and any passengers in the car with them safe.



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