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Prep for the Commercial License Test

13 Mar Blog | Comments


A regular driver’s license requires a person to take a written test and complete and pass a driving exam. Depending on the driver’s age the person may also have to complete a certain amount of hours driving with a licensed driver. A regular type of driver’s license allows a person to drive regular-type vehicles, like cars, vans, etc. It does not allow you to drive certain vehicles like buses, semi-trucks, etc. In order to drive those, a person needs a Commercial Driver’s License, CDL. In order to get a CDL, a person should prep for the commercial license test.


A person wanting to obtain a CDL needs to go through another set of requirements. There is a more technical exam that is required along with a certain amount of hours behind the wheel of the type of vehicle the person wants to drive. In order to prepare for the exam, some people opt to take a course that preps them for the Commercial License test.


Why Prep for the Commercial License Test

  • Get a refresher about the rules of the road

  • Understand the differences between driving a regular-sized vehicle and a larger vehicle

  • Learn about the responsibilities that come with operating a larger vehicle

  • Just like any other test, preparing beforehand gives a person a better chance of passing the test, the first time around

How to Prep for the Commercial License Test

  • Take a course, online or in-person that will review the rules

  • Take practice exams for a better understanding of the types of questions that will be on the test

  • Practice driving whenever possible and then practice some more

Why Get a Commercial Driver’s License

  • Gives a person more knowledge about driving

  • Can open more doors for job opportunities

  • Increased pay because a person can operate more vehicles

In order to best prep for the commercial license test, a person needs to review the rules, take practice exams and get as much behind-the-wheel practice as possible. Having a good understanding of the rules is important but driving experience really is the “best teacher”. Getting behind the wheel and on the road gives a person the opportunity to deal with real-life situations, so long as it is done carefully and in less populated areas until a person feels more comfortable.


Much like learning to drive a car the first time the more practice you get, on the road, the more comfortable you will feel. Once you prep for the commercial license test, get experience driving on the road with a larger vehicle, take and pass the written exam and feel more confident in your driving abilities you will be able to apply for more jobs.


Companies appreciate a person who can offer them several skills. In most cases, a person will also be able to find job opportunities that pay more than a current position because of the increased driving experience and knowledge.


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