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Pet Emergency Car Kit

30 Sep Blog | Comments


It is quite natural for us to think about what we should do if there is ever an emergency, for our families. We have looked at what should be included in your car, in the form of an emergency kit. We have talked about emergency kits for the summer and for the winter. What we tend to forget about, not that we don’t love our pets, is that our pets need an emergency kit also. So what should be included in a Pet Emergency Kit?

The items below can be purchased or put together from around the house:

First Aid Kit

Pets are a little different from humans when it comes to First Aid items:

  • Book about Pet First Aid – most of us do not know how a pet can get themselves into trouble until they do it, much like our kiddos

  • Names and numbers for your pet’s veterinarian and the emergency pet hospital you prefer

  • Paperwork for your pet’s shots, any other medical information, ex. any allergy information, pictures of your pet(s)

  • Description of pet: size, color, age, etc.

  • Bandages – Self-Clinging, so it doesn’t stick to their fur

  • Muzzle or strips of cloth to keep your pet from biting – trying to pull out a splinter, or patch up a cut can be difficult with a scared pet biting to protect themselves

  • Rectal Thermometer – only for your pet

  • The rest of the items can be found in most First Aid Kits: scissors, ice packs, cotton balls, disposable gloves, gauze, etc.

Food, Water and Medications

  • 7 days of food, for each pet, be sure you have a can opener also

  • Water, enough for 7 days, for each pet

  • Any medications, enough for a week too – be sure to change these out regularly as they can lose their potency

  • Flea and Tick, and heartworm medication for at least 1 month – again be sure to swap out every 6 months or so


  • Bowls for water and food

  • Leashes, in case the one you have breaks

  • ID tags with your contact information

  • Microchip Information: ID number and who to call

  • Bags for poop

Other Items

  • Flashlight

  • Toys – for keeping pet busy

  • Cleaning supplies in case of an accident – they will be scared and anxious

  • Blanket from home – to make your pet feel like he/she has a little bit home with them (dogs especially have very sensitive noses and will recognize something from home)

Being prepared for an emergency for both your family and your pet(s) will allow you to rest better. Emergencies happen at the worst times so why not be as prepared as possible. Be prepared, so the emergency is all you have to deal with.

During an emergency, your pet is going to be scared too. Keeping yourself calm will help keep everyone else calm, pet included. The items in the emergency kits will help make dealing with the emergency a little easier.



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