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Nevada Mature Driver Improvement Course

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Taking Our Online Mature Driver Course Can Lower Your Car Insurance Payments by Up to 15%

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Mature Drivers: Improve Your Driving Skills and Save

Nevada Mature Driver Improvement Course

The Nevada Mature Driver Improvement Course was created by B Line Traffic Schools in an effort to help keep the people of Nevada safe on the roads and to reduce the number of automobile accidents that occur.  It has been developed by professionals who are certified to create driving refresher courses and has been approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles of the state of Nevada.  The goal of the course is to give mature drivers the tools they need to drive safely.  Strategies are learned that could save lives.

Nevada Mature Driver Course Features:

  • Complete online course
  • Affordable, approved course
  • Take as much or as little time necessary to complete the course at your own pace
  • Take the course from anywhere you have an internet connection
  • Short, easy-to-read chapters
  • Multi-media instruction methods for better retention of information
  • 24 hour a day support available
  • 6 basic units divided into smaller sections for ease of learning
  • Unit quizzes must be passed before moving to next unit
  • Final exam covers material presented, must be passed with 80% correct answers
  • Quizzes and Final exam may be taken multiple times without any additional cost
  • Progress automatically saved when you log out
  • Multiple methods of delivering your Certificate of Completion

Who Needs The Nevada Mature Driver Course:

Anyone who is age 55 or older could benefit from the Nevada Mature Driver Improvement Course.  Aging causes many changes that can impact the way a person drives.  Hearing or vision may be reduced and other physical issues may slow down one’s ability to respond quickly in an emergency.  Recognizing those changes and developing strategies to counteract them is an important part of being a safe driver.  In addition, insurance companies will give qualified drivers a Nevada Mature Driver Insurance rate reduction for drivers 55 and over once the course is completed and the completion certificate is received.  You may want to discuss your eligibility with your insurance agent.

Topics Covered in the Course:

The 24 sub-units of the Nevada Mature Driver Course cover a variety of driving topics including defensive driving in the current driving environment and changes to traffic laws.  In addition, such topics as basic rules of the road, distracted or impaired driving, and driving emergencies are also covered.   You may go over any section of the course multiple times in order to understand it fully.  The unit quizzes cover the individual units and must be passed to move to the next unit.  They may be taken as many times as necessary.  There are multiple practice tests available to take prior taking the final exam.  The final exam covers all of the material contained in the six units and may be taken until it is passed.

Completion Certificate:

Upon passing the final exam with 80% of the questions having been answered correctly, your completion certificate will be processed.  You can arrange for same-day processing or standard or expedited shipping.  You will need to present the insurance copy of your completion certificate to your insurance company in order to receive the Nevada Mature Driver Insurance rate reduction for drivers 55 and over.

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Only $19.95