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Colorado Mature Driver Improvement Course

Receive Auto Insurance Discounts

Taking Our Online Mature Driver Course Can Lower Your Car Insurance Payments by Up to 15%

Only $19.95

Mature Drivers: Improve Your Driving Skills and Save

Colorado Mature Driver Improvement Course

The B Line Traffic Schools offers an excellent Colorado Mature Driver Improvement Course for mature drivers who want to improve their driving and qualify for Colorado Mature Driver Insurance rate reduction for drivers 55 and over.  It is fully approved by the Colorado state Division of Motor Vehicles.  If you are 55 or older, you may want to consider this course as a way to improve your driving skills and help you keep your driver license longer.

Colorado Mature Driver Course Features:

  • Intelligent, effective approach created by industry professionals in the field of traffic safety.
  • 6 units divided into 24 modules covering a variety of topics.
  • Graphics, text, and animations combine for interactive learning.
  • Complete course online allows you to study at your convenience from any location that has an internet connection.
  • Access to a variety of practice tests.
  • Take the final exam as many times as you need to pass with 80% correct answers at no additional charge.
  • Official Certificate of Completion mailed after you pass the final exam.
  • 24/7 customer support available.

Benefits of Enrolling In the Colorado Mature Driver Improvement Course:

The Colorado Mature Driver Course is designed to help mature drivers improve their driving skills and re-learn the basic driving rules.  It can help you adjust your driving to compensate for age-related changes such as visual impairment, hearing loss, fatigue and reaction time.  In addition, taking a Colorado Mature Driver Improvement Course can reduce the number of traffic violations or crashes that you might be involved in. Learning and re-learning about how to drive in today’s environment can help you be better at defensive driving as well as giving you the tools you need to cope with driving situations that are stressful.  You will also learn more about the newest safety equipment that modern cars contain.

Insurance Discounts

Taking the Colorado Mature Driver Course may even make you eligible for Colorado Mature Driver Insurance rate reduction for drivers 55 and over.  Of course, any discount will depend on your actual driving record and your insurance carrier.  Insurance carriers are not obligated to offer discounts to those with unsatisfactory driving records, but if you take this course and have a good driving record, your insurance company is required to give you a 3 year discount if you are over the age of 55.  Be sure to ask your insurance company about your eligibility.

Reasons to Take a Driving Refresher Course

As you age, you will find that many changes occur.  Understanding how these changes can affect your driving is important to staying safe when you are on the road.  Learning about new traffic laws and learning about new ways to be safe can help you be prepared as you drive so that you can avoid major problems.  Taking a mature driver course is one of the best ways to re-learn the traffic rules, understand the effects of aging on driving, and become eligible for insurance discounts.  This online course is one of the easiest ways to accomplish these goals at a low cost.  Register today, and soon you will have your Certificate of Completion in hand and can be confident that your driving knowledge has been improved.

Only $19.95