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Learning to Drive

06 Mar Blog | Comments

Driving a car is no easy task. Much like learning to walk or learning to ride a bike there are lots of little skills that need to be learned before driving can be mastered. Unfortunately, unlike learning how to walk or ride a bike crashing a vehicle into things could cause very severe damage.

When a child is learning how to walk he or she masters smaller skills like crawling and pulling themselves up before taking the plunge and walking across the room. When a child is learning how to ride a bike he or she must master balancing, steering and braking before going on a 5 mile bike ride.

Learning to drive comes with a whole lot more mastery which is why classes are required, time behind the wheel with an adult in the car is required and the person learning to drive must pass both a written exam and a driving test. Both exams are an opportunity for the person to show his or her driving capabilities.

For many adults or in this case parents it has been a very long time and you have had to remember all of the exact rules of the road. Before you begin teaching your child “your way of driving”, it might be a good idea to get a Driver’s Education Handbook, for your state.

The handbook will go over the most updated rules of the road which will allow you as the parent to most help your child. Your child will also need to take a Driver’s Education course. The written exam piece is now offered online in many states.

The online course allows your child to complete the course at his or her own pace. The course will prepare your child for the written exam which they will take at the DMV. Most of the online courses offer practice exams to help your child feel best prepared for the written exam.

Your child will also need a certain number of hours behind the wheel with you or your spouse, or other age-appropriate adult. The purpose of the hours behind the wheel is to get your child hands-on driving experience with someone in the car who can help them make adjustments as they learn how to drive properly.

Along with teaching your child the proper rules of the road the hours behind the wheel also give you an opportunity to teach your child about the car they are driving. Your child should know how to put gas in the car, check the air pressure of their tires and know how much air pressure each tire should have, how to check the oil levels, be able to add windshield wiper fluid, etc.

As your child is learning to drive it is your job to make sure he or she at is as prepared as possible to go out on the road alone. It is advisable that your child spend more hours learning to drive the car then necessary to complete their requirement. Getting your child behind the wheel as much as possible will give him or her the best chance of learning to drive, safely.


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