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Hydroplaning, Slipping and Sliding, Oh My

09 Jan Blog | Comments


Living in certain parts of the world means dealing with different kinds of weather. When the weather changes it can affect how you drive and how you should react. While most people deal with sun glare, wind and/or rain, under certain circumstances there is weather that requires more attention.


Hydroplaning happens when there is no traction between the tire on a car and the road, due to an excess of water in the tire. When you begin to hydroplane, the best course of actions are to take your foot off the gas immediately, steer your car in the direction you want the car to go, brake slowly and if you have not stopped hydroplaning remove your foot from the gas again.


Slipping on ice in a car is scary and dangerous. In those types of situations, it is important not to over-steer, not to use your brakes, to turn in the direction of how your car is slipping and don’t panic. Panicking is how a person can end up in an accident.


Sliding happens as a result of slipping. Once your tires lose some traction and you begin to slip, your car could go into a slide. Sliding takes away even more control than slipping and can cause an accident that worse. When a person’s car slides versus slipping it could spin out of control, while with a car that is slipping it is easier to recover from.

Other Ways to Stay Safe

No one can control everything, so it is important you understand that accidents happen and sometimes there is nothing you could have done differently.

To be sure you have done everything possible to keep everyone in your vehicle safe here are a couple things you can do:

  • Maintain your car by getting oil changes, making sure your windshield wipers, brakes and tires are in good working order and be sure your windshield washer fluid container is full.

  • Another important tip is to keep your gas tank at least half full. Not having enough gas doesn’t necessarily mean your car will slip or slide, but it makes you more vulnerable. If you get stuck on the side of the road and someone else begins to slip or slide you could end up in their path.

Driving is challenging enough without adding in rain, snow or ice. It is so important to pay attention to your surroundings. If you notice the weather conditions around you deteriorating you need to lower your speed. If you need to slow down you should also put some more distance between you and the car in front of you.

Finally, the best way to keep you and your family safe is to eliminate as many distractions as possible. Put the cell phone away. Turn the radio down. Do not eat while you drive. Distractions keep you from being a defensive driver and a defensive driver is a person who knows what is going on around them. By being aware of your surroundings gives you more time to react.



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