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How to Pack for a Long Family Car Trip

16 Oct Blog | Comments

Your family has decided on a cross-country road trip while on vacation this year. When packing for the trip, you will need to find ways to stay organized, to have food and beverages available, and to keep your children entertained while traveling in a car for long periods of time. Here are some tips for how to pack for a long car trip:

To stay organized, start by sorting out items that will only be needed at the hotel, such as toiletries and changes of clothes. Pack these into large suitcases and place them in the trunk.

In one suitcase, include a waterproof laundry bag that can be used to keep dirty clothes separate. Plan to wash clothes once a week. By doing laundry, you will be able to pack fewer clothing items and save space in the trunk.

Items that may be needed during the day such as bathing suits and a spare change of clothes should be kept in a smaller suitcase and placed in a readily accessible part of the trunk.

Often, when deciding how to pack for a long car trip, it is easy to forget all of the things your family will buy or pick up along the way. When loading the car, leave a third to half of the trunk empty for those items you will add on the trip.

Stop at a grocery store before heading down the road and fill a cooler with healthy drinks, snacks, and basic meal items. Keep the cooler in a central location in the car so everyone has access to it. When someone is hungry or thirsty, they will be able to have something without the need to stop the car or wait for the next gas station or restaurant. If you are in a place without eating establishments or with very expensive ones, having the cooler will allow you to fix a quick and affordable meal for everyone.

Another issue that comes up when deciding how to pack for a long car trip is boredom. To deal with the boredom of a long car ride, help your kids create travel bags for the car. In the bags, place books, puzzles, portable games, and nonperishable snacks. For younger kids, select a canvas bag that can be painted and decorated to their taste. From time to time, add a new item to keep the travel bag interesting for the entire trip.

Car trips can be a great family adventure when planned the right way. Next time you plan a cross-country road trip, try out these tips and enjoy a more relaxing, fun-filled family vacation.


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