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Driving Etiquette

25 Jun Blog | Comments


Driving safely is essential to getting home while avoiding a car accident. Unfortunately, some people have forgotten that there is driving etiquette. Driving etiquette is in place for a reason, to keep you and everyone else on the road safe. If everyone would follow some simple driving etiquette, everyone could get home safely. Keep reading for some driving etiquette tips.

Turn Signals

Turn signals are something every one of us is taught about during driver’s education. Using your turn signals notifies other drivers, especially the ones right behind you, your intentions. By not using your turn signals you can cause an accident. Someone driving a little closer than they should may not have enough time to stop when the person in front of them doesn’t use their turn signal.

Tip: It is recommended that you turn your signal on at least 100 feet before you turn.

Stay Out of the Passing Lane

A fast lane is there a person who is driving faster than another person to pass them safely. The passing lane is not meant for a person to stay in for long periods of time. A person staying in the passing lane, especially while other pass them to the right, creates a dangerous situation.

Tip: The only time a person should use a passing lane is when a person is passing a slower driver.

Safe Distance

Riding too closely, tailgating, to the vehicle in front of you is not only rude but also extremely dangerous. If a person needs to stop quickly the one tailgating them could rear-end the vehicle in front of them, causing an accident.

Tip: The safest following distance is called the 3-second rule. You should always be at least 3 seconds from the car in front of you.


Traffic coming onto the highway needs to be able to enter at a safe speed. Having to slow down or stop before entering the highway backs things up and can be dangerous. The best way to eliminate that danger is to allow cars coming onto the highway to merge into the oncoming traffic.

Tip: Being kind to your fellow driver, by allowing them to merge safely onto the highway can avoid accidents.

Avoid Distractions

Driving distractions are just that distractions. Distractions while driving can be dangerous, unsafe and cause accidents. It is important to remove as many distractions as possible while driving.

Tip: Avoid texting, eating, applying makeup, shaving, reaching for items and looking at your phone for directions.

Being a conscientious driver will get you and passengers home safely. Driving etiquette isn’t hard, and is all about keeping everyone on the roads safe. Using your turn signals, only using the passing lane to pass vehicles, keeping a safe distance, allowing vehicles to merge and avoiding distractions will all help you avoid causing an accident.

Driving etiquette is essential to keeping everyone on the roads safe. The next time you go driving remember driving etiquette saves lives.



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