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Driving as a Mature Driver

04 Mar Blog | Comments


Driving as a mature driver can have its challenges. As much as we remain young in our minds, our bodies do not always cooperate. In particular, a person’s reflexes, vision and/or hearing can all begin to fail us. A mature driver’s insurance may also be increased as a result of his/her age. Keep reading to find out how driving as a mature driver can be challenging, but workable.

No one wants to give up their independence, especially when it comes to driving. For most people, driving is the absolute last thing they are willing to let go of, as they age. So what is it about driving as a mature driver that is so challenging?

  • Vision – as a person ages their vision deteriorates. It is different for every person, so one person may struggle at 60 yrs. Old while another person may not notice anything until they are 70 yrs. Old.

  • Hearing – getting could mean a person has a harder and harder time hearing. As a body ages, it starts to lose certain capabilities. If a person listened to loud music a lot as a teenager their ears may have lost a bit of hearing. Then it could get worse every year.

  • Reflexes – When a person’s body is not in tip-top shape it cannot react as quickly as it used to. What is even more frustrating is that a person’s mind may not suffer from slower reflexes, but their body will not comply.

  • Increased insurance rates – When a teenager first gets his/her driving license their insurance is quite expensive. They are more likely to get into an accident due to the fact that they are inexperienced. A mature driver may have experience under their belt, but they also have the issues listed above, putting them at risk to get into an accident.

Is a mature driver doomed to give up their independence? Give up driving? At some point, yes, but a person can hold it off a bit longer by trying the following:

  • To combat the vision issues that will eventually occur a person could look into corrective surgery. Depending on the reason(s) for their vision issue(s) will determine if a person can attempt trying surgery.

  • As technology continues to improve so do hearing aids. There are hearing aids out there that most people wouldn’t even notice. But even if it is noticeable if a person really doesn’t want to give up driving, a hearing aid is not a huge sacrifice.

  • Reflexes are a bit more tricky. The best way to keep your reflexes in the best shape possible is to stay as physically healthy as possible. Doing some kind of exercise, several times a week is a great start.

  • In order to keep your insurance rates under control, there is a Mature Driving Course that a person can take. Many states will maintain or lower a person’s rates when they complete and pass a Mature Driving Course. It is advisable however that a person checks with his/her insurance company before taking the course.

Getting older is no fun and it is not something a person can stop. However, a person does have some options to slow down the process and keep themselves on the road.



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