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Drivers Ed

Be Better Prepared

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B Line Traffic Schools Drivers Ed

Drivers education is an important part of getting a driver license. No matter what your age, if you have never had a drivers license before you must take a course to prepare you for the drivers ed test if you want a drivers license. The largest population that this requirement affects is most likely teenagers. Because teenagers are allowed to carry a drivers license once they turn 16, they are very aware of the need to take the proper course and to pass the test. B Line Traffic Schools online drivers ed courses can prepare a teen to take the written test at the DMV that must be passed to get a driving permit.

Challenges of Conventional Courses

Both teens and parents are often excited when the age to get a drivers license approaches. Parents are ready to stop chauffeuring their teens around, and teens are excited to be able to be more independent. If your teen is taking a conventional drivers education course, you have to get them to class and back again every during the duration of the course. This can be particularly challenging if you are working or have other children who also need you to take them places. If your child is on a school or competition sports team, they may not be able to get to the classes because of conflicts with team events. If you are no longer a teen and are trying to get your license for the first time, you would have to have someone transport you to the class and might have conflicts with your work schedule.

Benefits of Online Courses

Enrolling your teen in a online drivers ed course can free up both of your schedules. Your teen won’t have to worry about scheduling conflicts with school or other activities and you won’t have to arrange your life to drive them to the class. Instead, the complete course is offered online and can be worked on from home. Anyone taking the course can take it in their own time and work at their own pace. Our drivers ed course can be accessed from anywhere as long as you have a computer that has access to the internet. There is no need to arrange your schedule to accommodate a class; the course can be worked around your existing schedule. This makes an online traffic school course much more convenient than a conventional class.

Drivers Ed Course Overview

  • State approved courses satisfy requirements set forth by each individual stat
  • Rules of the road, basic driving rules, and state-specific traffic laws are fully covered
  • Defensive driving tips
  • Material divided into 8 short chapters for easy navigation
  • Your place is saved automatically so you always start right where you were
  • Audio, video, animations, text, and graphics are worked throughout the course to provide a highly engaging interactive learning experience
  • Chapter reviews and quizzes provided to test understanding of the material
  • Round the clock assistance from friendly representatives through chat, email or phone
  • Practice tests help you prepare for the final exam
  • The drivers ed final exam must be passed with 80% correct answers
  • After exam is passed you (or your teen) will receive a California DMV drivers ed Certificate which they must take to the DMV in order to take the written drivers ed test for the driving permit
Material Covered

The California DMV regulates the material that must be covered in drivers ed courses. Some of these topics include driving responsibilities, general traffic rules, signals, and signs. You will also learn about basic and safety systems in vehicles. The causes of accidents and ways to prevent them will be discussed. Important issues such as how alcohol or drugs can affect driving as well as how other distractions such as texting can impair driving will be covered. Sharing the road with other drivers, pedestrians and bicycles will be addressed. Defensive driving and what to do in emergencies are other topics that the student will be introduced to. The B Line Traffic Schools course has been designed with more than a decade of experience in drivers education so you can be sure that everything required is being covered.

Affordable Online Drivers Ed Course

The B Line Traffic Schools drivers ed course is very affordable and can save you time, which often saves you money as well. Knowing that your teen can study the materials at his or her individual pace and can take the tests until they are passed gives you confidence that the course work will be thoroughly learned. Your teen will be prepared to take the written driving permit test so the he or she can then take the hands-on training that will complete the requirements for a drivers license. You won’t have to be the main chauffer anymore, and your teen will have the knowledge they need to drive with confidence.
Click on the link to register your teen for the B Line Traffic Schools drivers ed course today.