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Common Questions

I just got a traffic citation, can I take your course?

We are DMV licensed and accepted in all counties in California.  If you have permission from the court to take traffic school, you can enroll with us and complete the course in less than a day.

How much does your traffic violator course cost?

The total cost for our course is $18.95.  There are no extra fees or charges and you can pay with any major credit card at sign up.

I don’t live in the same county as I received my ticket.  Can I still take your course?

Not a problem!  We are DMV certified in all counties in California.  Just make sure you select the county and court the citation was received from during sign up.

Didn’t I already pay for the course when I paid for my ticket?

Unfortunately, traffic school is a separate cost from the court fees to process your record. All traffic schools are privately owned and operated and therefore, charge their own fee.

How often can I take traffic school?

California allows you to enroll in traffic school for a one-point traffic violation once every 18 months.

Do I need a workbook or any special software?

All you need to complete the course is a computer with Internet access. Enter your username and password and get into the course 24/7.

My certificate is due in a few days! How long will it take to complete your course?

Since it’s an online course, you have the ability to go at your own pace. It’s possible to go through the material in one sitting. However, if you aren’t in a rush, feel free to take your time and split up the sections to read throughout several days. It all depends on your schedule.  Once you complete the course, we have a time stamp of your completion date and time.  As long as it is completed on or before your required due date, you will meet DMV requirements.

Do I have to take the course right after receiving a ticket?

It’s up to the court to determine the exact amount of time you have, but there should be a due date listed on your paperwork that you receive from the court.

My due date for traffic school has passed.  What should I do?

You must contact your court immediately to request an extension.

Is your site secure?

Absolutely. We ensure high confidentiality by having all personal information and payments protected with up to 256-bit secure sockets layer encryption.

Do I have to take the course from the same computer each time I log in?

No. Since we don’t require any special software or downloads, you just need any computer with Internet access. Type in your user name and password and you can log in at anytime in any place.

What is the passing requirement for the final exam?

The final exam consists of 25 questions and you must earn 70% or higher to pass.

What if I fail the final exam, can I take it again? If so, how many times?

If you fail the final exam, we suggest go back and review the course material. Then, you can retake the exam. In California you can only take the final test twice before having to go through the entire course again. This is per DMV regulations.

ID Verification 

All counties in California now require ID verification. We ask a series of questions at the beginning of the exam and then ask you the same questions throughout the exam to make sure the same person is in front of the computer.

How do the certificates work?

Upon completion of the course, B Line Traffic Schools transmits all passing information to the DMV on a daily basis. This is done electronically, which means there is no need for you to mail anything to your court.

How can I be sure my certificate was received by the court?

Please wait at least 5 business days after completing your final exam then contact your respective court to verify they have processed your certificate.

I would like to get a refund on your course. Where can I find your refund policy?

You can find our refund policy here.

Where are your terms of service located?

You can find our terms of service here.

Where is your privacy policy located?

You can find our privacy policy here.

Please contact B Line Traffic Schools if you have additional questions or concerns.


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