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Blog  // B Line Traffic Schools’ blog offers articles, press clippings and safety tips to serve as a resource for drivers.

13 Mar Blog | Comments

Prep for the Commercial License Test

A regular driver’s license requires a person to take a written test and complete and pass a driving exam. Depending on the driver’s age the person may also have to complete a certain amount of hours driving with a licensed driver. A regular type of driver’s license allows a person to drive regular-type vehicles, like […]


07 Sep Blog | Comments

Driving Safely with all Vehicles

Driving safely with all vehicles sounds easy enough, but it does require you to be aware of your surroundings. There are many different types of vehicles out on the road. There are cars, trucks, semi-trucks, motorcycles, oversized vehicles, first responder vehicles, like fire trucks, police cars, and ambulances. Different types of vehicles require different types […]


06 Jun Blog | Comments

Combating Mature Driver Struggles

              A younger driver’s lack of experience sometimes ends badly, in the form of a speeding ticket or an accident. Mature drivers have the advantage of experience but unfortunately, as a person ages so does their body. An aging body can struggle with certain attributes that are necessary for […]


13 Jan Blog | Comments

Driving Safely in Light or Heavy Traffic

There are days when you get out on the road and the traffic is light and the ride to your destination is “a piece of cake”. Other days when you get out on the road traffic is “bumper to bumper” making the ride to your destination anything but an easy ride. How can light or […]


21 Sep Blog | Comments

Back to School Safety

Getting out of the summer routine is tough. It is even more challenging getting back into the school routine. With all the books, packed lunches, and backpacks to keep track of we can’t forget about back to school safety. Whether a student takes a bus, walks, rides a bike or gets dropped off by a […]


10 Jul Blog | Comments

Check to Protect

When you are driving it is essential to beware is many things. There are steps you need to take before you turn the car on and there are things you need to pay attention to once you’re driving. This article is called Check to Protect to remind about certain steps every driver should take, every […]


24 Jun Blog | Comments

Pedestrians First

Across the country, most schools are getting out for the summer. Kids will be riding their bikes to their friends’ houses, crossing streets and running without looking where they are going. That means drivers need to be even more cautious than normal. Pedestrians first is the general rule, but sometimes people get too wrapped up […]


06 May Blog | Comments

Traffic Citations

It always happens when you are in a hurry. You might be on your way to a meeting or to pick up children when it happens. You get pulled over because you were speeding or didn’t completely stop at the last stop sign. Either way, you are now going to be late for whatever you […]


04 Mar Blog | Comments

Driving as a Mature Driver

Driving as a mature driver can have its challenges. As much as we remain young in our minds, our bodies do not always cooperate. In particular, a person’s reflexes, vision and/or hearing can all begin to fail us. A mature driver’s insurance may also be increased as a result of his/her age. Keep reading to […]


09 Jan Blog | Comments

Hydroplaning, Slipping and Sliding, Oh My

Living in certain parts of the world means dealing with different kinds of weather. When the weather changes it can affect how you drive and how you should react. While most people deal with sun glare, wind and/or rain, under certain circumstances there is weather that requires more attention. Hydroplaning Hydroplaning happens when there is […]