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California Driver Licenses and Our U.S. Military

15 Jun Blog | Comments

A California resident actively serving in the U.S. Armed Forces must have a California driver license.  However, if an active duty member stationed in California has another state listed as their home of residence, they are only required to possess a license from that state.  Military and government employees are often stationed in places around the world that are not considered to be their primary home or state of residence; therefore, California has made exception to this rule.

If an out-of-state, active duty member has a valid (not suspended, canceled or revoked) California driver’s license, their license will be valid for the full time he or she is absent from California. If the license expires during that time, it is still considered valid if on deployment.

If serving outside the state of California and honorably discharged, the military member’s California driver license will still be considered valid 30 days following the discharge date. During those 30 days, it’s important to carry both a driver’s license and discharge or separation papers. Call 1-800-777-0133 to obtain a license extension for Person in Armed Forces (DL 236) card. Dependents do not qualify for this extension. California also honors the same rules if a non resident is discharged or separated from the military while living in California.

These laws are in place to ease some of the everyday issues members of the U.S. military face and in respect for the sacrifices they make.

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