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6 Traffic Safety Tips for Mature Drivers

16 Jul Blog | Comments


Getting older brings with it some good, getting wiser, and some bad, moving slower. Now moving slower isn’t all by itself bad, but when it comes to driving it can make driving more difficult. Below is a list of 6 traffic safety tips for mature drivers:

Avoid Rush Hour

Driving during rush hour, even on our best days, is challenging. Driving during rush hour can be frustrating and has, on many occasions, caused a lot of road rage. Being able to react quickly and remain calm is essential. Mature drivers may be uncomfortable driving in high-stress situations and should avoid rush hour.

Drive During the Day

If you are a mature driver whose eyesight has begun to deteriorate, driving at night will become more challenging. The best option is to drive during the day and if possible during off-peak hours. Driving between the hours of 9 am – 12 pm and then again from 1 pm – 4 pm are going to be your best bet. There is less traffic and businesses will be less busy.

Ask for Help

As you feel more uncomfortable behind the wheel you need to consider asking for help. If you have family ask them to take you once a week to the grocery store, bank, or to run other errands. Or if you do not have family nearby there are many companies that offer shuttle services that will take you to and from appointments and/or the store.

Wear Protective Eyewear

One of the troubles mature drivers have is vision. One way to combat certain vision struggles is to wear the proper protective eyewear. There are sunglasses designed to help mature drivers. The sunglasses block out the sun making it easier to drive, creating fewer distractions/difficulties.

Short Trips

Another way to avoid issues while driving is to take shorter trips. Going up and back to 1 store means less stress. Not having to plan for 2 or 3 errands means you can just focus on driving. Also, driving shorter distances means fewer chances for errors to be made, while behind the wheel.

Mature Driver Refresher Course

Getting older changes your body and can be frustrating. Taking a mature driver refresher course can help you combat some of those changes. The course will talk about what happens to people as they get older. It will also cover even more ways a mature driver can stay safe behind the wheel.

Being able to react quickly when driving is important. As we get older reacting quickly gets harder. The 6 traffic safety tips for mature drivers are just a few ways you can make driving safer, for the mature driver and everyone else on the road.

Nobody wants to give up the independence of driving, so a mature driver needs to take as many necessary precautions as possible. Mature drivers can drive for a long time if they are aware of the issues their bodies are having and adjust for them.



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