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6 Tips after a Traffic Accident

18 Apr Blog | Comments

A traffic accident is traumatic no matter how minor or severe.  Many people never saw the accident coming and are in shock afterwards. Being in shock can make a person forget to take very important steps. Below is a list of 6 Tips to follow after a traffic accident.

  1. Safety – No one wants to be the cause of an accident, but after an accident it doesn’t matter who did what until everyone is safe. If anyone is injured or thinks they might be an ambulance should be called. And if the vehicles are able to be driven it is also advisable to move any cars involved in the accident over to the side of the road, so as not to block traffic.
  2. Police – Getting the police involved is not necessarily to get anyone in trouble, but it is imperative that you call them. Do not let anyone talk you into not calling them. They are there to make sure things get recorded properly and that if anyone is at fault that is documented. If you don’t get them involved and the other person claims later that it wasn’t their fault, when it was, you have that incident report to back you up. Or if it was your fault the person cannot come back and say you did more damage than originally claimed.
  3. Information – While the police collect a lot of information on their report it is not their responsibility to get the insurance companies involved. You need to exchange information with the other person. You will want to get all their insurance information, their name, contact number, etc.… The more you can give to your insurance company the easier it will be for them to help to get things moving along.
  4. Document – You will want to document as much as you can on your own. You should take pictures of both cars, a lot of them. You will also want to get contact information for any witnesses that come forward. You may think the police will get all that for you, but depending on the type of accident they may not need statements from the witnesses while you may, strictly for insurance purposes.
  5. Fault – Do not discuss fault, if at all possible. You are not an attorney or an insurance company and it is not your job to determine whose fault it is. Just give everyone the information and allow them to figure out who was at fault.
  6. Insurance – Making sure everyone is safe, that your car is off the main part of the road and getting in touch with the police are all important steps. The next important step is to call your insurance company. Most companies have customer service available to start documenting all the necessary information 24 hours a day.

Traffic accidents are scary and a pain to have to deal with, no matter whose fault it is. Following the tips listed above will at least help you remember everything you should do after an accident to make it go as smoothly as possible.


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